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Dual energy

Dual energy combines gas and electricity to provide optimal comfort for heating and cooling, at a lower cost for its consumer. This system is also better for the planet. Using the appropriate energy source at the right moment preserves our precious resources while limiting greenhouse gas emissions. Numerous monetary incentives—subsidies, rebates—are available to facilitate the energy transition for customers who wish to switch to dual energy.


The use of solar panels is not new, but the advances in this technology are impressive: lower costs, more compact photovoltaic panels, higher output. Solar systems can power all the systems in your home, have a long life expectancy and require little technical maintenance. It is now possible to install hybrid systems combining thermal and photovoltaic equipment for even greater performance and energy efficiency.


This energetic force, which comes from the earth’s subsoil, can be channeled. Depending on your needs, collectors will be installed at various depths (shallow, medium, deep), leading to increasingly hot energy sources. These heat units (calories) are converted into energy by a collecting system to heat your property. During the warmer months, a house’s heat follows the opposite path: it is captured by a pump and returned to the ground for optimal comfort at all times.