Leave winter outside!

Heating can easily account for up to 54% of the electricity bill. Improving the energy efficiency of your heating system could lead to significant savings and increase your comfort at all times, even during harsh Quebec winters.

The best heating solution will be evaluated based on your property type, the area to be heated, its year of construction, and its level of insulation. Our experts are duly trained to assess the best options with you and provide information on current subsidies and incentives.

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Wall-mounted heat pumps

Large temperature swings will go unnoticed with a high-efficiency wall-mounted heat pump that can cool or heat silently and cover multiple zones. Extremely robust, these systems have been successfully tested at extreme temperatures. Many of our products are Energy Star® certified.

Central heat pumps

The new generation of central heat pumps offers features that allow you to significantly improve the energy efficiency of your systems and save money. Most of our appliances are eligible for subsidies, as they meet the required energy management criteria.

Electric furnaces

Forced-air electric furnaces heat air efficiently and ecologically. The new models are easy to install, and can replace outdated heating systems by adapting to existing ventilation ducts. Electric furnaces are also silent, odorless and low-maintenance. They are also an interesting choice if you consider using dual energy and taking advantage of the subsidies offered.

Natural gas furnaces

Natural gas furnaces use low-pollution energy and offer precise thermal comfort. It’s the perfect choice for larger homes or poorly insulated properties. By opting for a natural gas furnace, you can reuse your existing ductwork to deliver heated air to different areas of your home via a central ventilation system.

Propane furnaces

Propane gas furnaces combine comfort and savings. These furnaces can produce high levels of heat very quickly thanks to the fuel, which is a by-product of natural gas. Propane gas furnaces operate at intervals rather than continuously, which means significant savings, as they heat only when necessary. Propane gas is safe, non-polluting and non-toxic. With its eco-friendly features and high energy efficiency, it helps you reduce your carbon footprint.

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