Shopping for an air conditioning system. What criteria should you consider?

When considering the purchase of a new air conditioning system, there are several important criteria to consider before you get started, such as these ones.

1. Your air-conditioning needs

Are you looking for tempered comfort in all your rooms or for a specific area?

2. Your budget

How much do you have available for purchase and installation? Wall-mounted or central air conditioning? In your budget, you need to include subsidies (if applicable), but also annual maintenance costs depending on the system chosen, and possible savings on your electricity, gas or other supplier bills.

3. Replacing a system or installing a new one

If you’re replacing an existing central system with a new, more efficient one, installation costs may vary depending on several factors. A good assessment of ducting and other equipment requirements can be made by the chosen supplier.

4. Size and age of your property

Depending on the age and size of your property, your budget and your needs, the options available can vary greatly. Your home’s model, year of construction, geographic orientation and fenestration are all criteria that can influence your energy needs. Nothing beats a quote from air-conditioning professionals who visit your property to avoid disappointment and unpleasant surprises.

5. Energy source

Even if you’ve been using electricity or gas for years, it’s possible to move towards new responsible consumption choices offering substantial savings, such as a variable speed heat pump.

6. Short, medium or long-term vision

Different brands of appliances and systems offer different levels of durability. With global warming, systems are subjected to increasing use testing their durability and reliability. Shopping around and paying the right price for a quality brand can give you peace of mind in the long term, whatever the climate situation.

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